Hi, we are the founders of roockz®

A luxury product for eternity with real rarity factor

Working with such a unique material as natural stone was already laid in our cradle. 
Karl Strauß founded a natural stone business 60 years ago, laying the foundation for what is probably the most exclusive and unique accessory currently available on the market. 

Up to 1.1 billion years old are the natural stones from which we are allowed to manufacture our luxury products.
The stones are mined all over the world and therefore each fly has its own character.

As the first brand worldwide, after 2.5 years of development, we manufacture stable, lightweight and unique
Bow Ties from the incredible variety of colors and textures of natural stone.

roockz are limited, there is only a limited number of each stone.

Each bow tie goes through 42 steps to completion
Our flies are absolutely unique.