Material: Invisible

Stone type: white marble

Place of discovery: Turkey 

Geological age: about 175 million years old (Lower Jurassic)

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 40g

Collection: 2021

Collar band: Satin band - (adjustable)

Manufacture: Handmade

Geological history:

The marble "Invisible" was formed in the Lower Jurassic about 175 million years ago. 
The rock name "marble" comes from the Greek word "marmaros" and means something like "shimmering rock". Marble is formed by the transformation of limestone under high pressure and/or heat. The limestone layers in the ground are usually based on deposits of shells or smaller crustaceans. The necessary pressure is created, for example, by the movement of the earth's plates and the resulting folding of mountains. A transformation of limestone to marble by heat occurs e.g. in the vicinity of volcanoes. In this process, the marble is usually formed around a hot core, which itself contains the more valuable and harder granite. The geologist calls the transformation methamorphosis.

100% natural stone

Original with logo

Biofiber technology

3,5mm thin

Cufflinks & Earrings


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