Material: Elegant Brown

Stone type: quarzite

Place of discovery: Brazil

Geological age: about 650 million years old (Cambrian)

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 40g

Collection: 2021

Collar band: Satin band - (adjustable)

Manufacture: handmade

Geological history:

Quartzites belong to the metamorphic (transformed) sandstones and consist of up to 98% pure quartz. Due to tectonic processes and mountain building over many millions of years, the structure of the stone became extremely dense and hard. Quartzites appear shimmering and shiny and are among the most robust stones in the world. According to current research documents, quartzization takes place exclusively at about 200° and 600m depth below ground. Translated with (free version)

100% natural stone

Original with logo

Biofiber technology

3,5mm thin

Cufflinks & Earrings


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